Our History

GUILLET Technologies was built by bringing together companies with recognized expertise and complementary skills.

  • 1944: Creation of the industrial modeling company GUILLET Frères in Montrouge (92).
  • 1968: Relocation of this company to Arcueil (94).
  • 2001: Atelier d’Antony DESRIAC / ATAD, established in 1960 and Société d’Etudes et de Réalisations du Val de Marne / SERV, established in 1970, both based in Antony (92), join the group.
  • GUILLET Fr. moves to the same site.
  • Establishment of a workshop for turning, milling, fitting, welding assembly, industrial sheet metal work, and inspections.
  • January 2003: Acquisition of Fonderie GINET s.a. (established in 1950) which becomes GINET Fonderie s.a.s.
  • September 2003: Certification of the four companies in the group to ISO 9001:2000 standard.
  • 2005: The Group, composed of four companies, takes the name GUILLET Technologies.
  • July 2006: PERIMECA, based in Fontenay le Vicomte (91) and established in 2003, joins the group. PERIMECA specializes in the creation of control and machining fixture assemblies, as well as medium-series machining of cast parts.
  • January 2008: Renewal of ISO 9001 certification and certification of the GUILLET Technologies group to EN 9100:2003 standard.
  • March 2010: PERIMECA moves to new, more spacious premises in Grigny (91).
  • July 2011: Compliance with the new version of the EN 9100:2009 standard.
  • December 2011: Installation of a new 5-axis machining center at the PERIMECA site.
  • May 2012: Introduction of laser cutting and electroerosion at the GUILLET Technologies site.
  • September 2012: Installation of a new mechanical testing machine with integrated extensometer at the GINET Fonderie site.
  • November 2012: Installation of a second new 5-axis machine at the PERIMECA site.
  • December 2012: Acquisition of SAS MOULIN, established in 1946 and based in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône (95) – Consolidation of the foundry division.
  • March 2013: Relocation of GINET Fonderie to the same site as SAS MOULIN.
  • 2015: Acquisition of ATMS precision sheet metal work – Consolidation of the sheet metal division. Segmentation of sites by specialty.
  • 2017: Acquisition of TROCHET AMGGC – Development of the aerospace machining division, integration of robotic centers.
  • 2020: Stop COVID
  • January 1, 2023: All companies within the Group have been merged into a single entity: GUILLET Technologies s.a.s.
  • 2023: Acquisition of CERPI, a company specialized in large-scale machining – Streamlining our product and industry-specific commercial offerings.
  • 2025-2026: We are committed to continuing our development towards new complementary products and industries, in order to offer our customers an increasingly comprehensive solution: A GLOBAL SOLUTION.